Viewpoint- Rate My Professors fishes out bad teachers

By Raegan Scharfetter/ se news editor

We’ve all used it before, the website to analyze the teaching habits of our future professors. You know, the professors that hold the power to make or break our GPAs? Those ones.

As the spring semester comes to an end, the reviews on start to bloom, which give students an advantage in their future semesters.

Rate My Professors has had a huge impact on mine and many other students’ college careers. From professors that I can barely understand to professors who inspire me to surpass my academic potential, I have no one else to blame or to thank than the website with those chili peppers.

Each student should be able to access more insight over their future professors because every individual has a different learning style or technique.

Multiple studies show a student prefers one or two learning styles. Whether it be visual, aural, verbal or physical learning, there is a possible professor to match each student’s needs.

Although there are many ways a professor can accommodate a mass amount of students, like presenting charts and graphs for visual learners or encouraging class discussions for the aural learners, a student still needs to take precautions into their own hands instead of just hoping for the best.

As a student, I know time and money are crucial and something that I cannot waste. I depend on reviews from previous students so I know whether or not I will succeed in a future course.

Some professors may not reach the full potential of their chili pepper. However, the website does not directly affect their career standing. The website is made for students by students to help their college experience run a lot smoother.

Time is money, and education is definitely not priceless, which is why students should visit the Rate My Professors website and give future students a heads-up for semesters to come.