Professor to share how to help migrating birds

By Michael Foster-Sanders/campus editor

NE Campus will hold an event about bird migration awareness called What You Can Do to Help Our Feathered Friends April 23.

Kinesiology assistant professor Tim Sebesta was asked to do the event after his presentation on bird watching last year. He chose bird migration since it’s happening in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“Birds are migrating from South America and Mexico to the DFW area where they’re going to breed throughout the United States,” he said.

The presentation will cover why and how birds migrate and what people can do to help the birds as they come into the area.

“What happens is that birds are traveling long distances, and they’re hungry, so they need a place to stop and get something to eat so they can keep traveling,” Sebesta said. 

People can help by putting out bird feeders and water dishes, and placing bells around a pet cat because cats are natural predators to birds.

Sebesta wants students to know that it’s the little things they can do that will make a difference in assisting birds.

“If you come across a bird that’s injured, there are places that you can call that rehab birds, or putting up window stripes since a lot of birds migrate at night since it’s safer since it’s less wind so they won’t run into windows,” he said.

The event is being held 12:30-1:30 p.m. in NLIB 2102.
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