By JW McNay/managing editor

A student-created comedy featuring poetry, prose and memes comes to the stage Sept. 20-22 on South Campus.

My 10 Year Old Self (and other random stuff) is a play “written by students for students,” said South theater director and play director Lindy Benton-Muller. The creation process of the play was integral to the development of its plot.

“We weren’t really sure exactly what it was going to be about when we started,” Benton-Muller said.

As the students gathered material and did research to figure what story to tell, the play became about students trying to figure what story to tell or a “show about creating a show,” Benton-Muller said.

“A lot of the beginning of the play is just our personalities. You get to meet us,” South student and actor Devinne Jorgensen said. “We’re playing ourselves.”

The play is also a reflection of “real life,” she said. Many things that happened or were said in the actors’ class made it into the script.

“We’re trying to make it as funny as possible, but there are some deep thoughts in it,” South student and actor Corey Cammon said.

The play contains some poem and prose readings chosen by the actors, some of which are “to the heart,” he said. Memes were also selected by the actors who will act out how their 10-year-old selves would react.

“We’re reliving certain moments of our lives or what could be somebody else’s life,” South student and actor Danielle Davis said.

Davis, Jorgensen and Cammon along with South students Raven Booker and Cameron Clowers are the five actors performing. 

From the start of the fall semester to opening night, they will have had five weeks to create, rehearse and perform the play, Benton-Muller said.

The play starts at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 20-22 in the Joe B. Rushing Center for the Performing Arts. The event is free for all TCC students, faculty and staff; $3 for other students and senior citizens; and $6 for the general public. Viewer discretion is advised as the play contains some profanity and adult themes, Benton-Muller said.

“This is totally something nobody’s seen before since we made it all ourselves,” Davis said. “There’s really no other play like ours. So, it’ll be a good experience.”