Miley Cyrus sets bad example for young girls

By Maggie Guth/reporter

When Miley Cyrus was on the Disney Channel as Hannah Montana, she was a great influence on children. Recently, though, she has been the opposite.

Ever since her role on Hannah Montana ended and she stopped acting all together, she has been in the tabloids for not good reasons. Cyrus now has cut and dyed her hair, started singing about drugs and has been doing obscene dance moves like the “twerk.” Is that someone people would want their daughters looking up to?

Her once-innocent Southern girl look has dwindled, and now she has turned into an out-of-control, typical celebrity.

The biggest problem with Cyrus is how she went so quickly from being a Disney Channel star to a crazy pop singer.

In her old show, she sang inspiring songs and played the role of a family girl and good friend. Now, her song “We Can’t Stop” talks about the drug ecstasy. Children want to listen to it just because Cyrus sings it, but they shouldn’t.

Over the past year, Cyrus has made a few questionable performances. She shocked many people at the Video Music Awards by bending over, shaking her butt and sticking her tongue out. Many parents probably had to change the channel.

Cyrus tried to defend herself saying she’s older and Hannah Montana was years ago, but she doesn’t realize that younger children are still going to watch and idolize her.

Her parents also deserve blame for not trying to fix this situation. Every time she has a performance, her mom claps and cheers her on. Cyrus’ dad, country music star Billy Ray Cyrus, says he’s not happy with how his daughter acts, but he hasn’t done anything to fix it. Yes, they are her parents and will love her no matter what, but they could help fix this situation a little.

In the past year, Cyrus has changed the way most people look at her. And those changes haven’t been pretty.