Invitational art exhibit to display faculty work

By Bethany Narvaez

NW visual arts faculty are showing off their paintings, drawings, ceramics and photographs in NW’s Lakeview Gallery (WFAB 1135A) through March 29.

“Each spring, we invite our full-time and adjunct faculty to be a part of a gallery exhibition,” NW art associate professor Christian deLeon said. “It is very open as far as the medium goes.”

The exhibition is on display during regular campus hours and features artwork from about 10 NW faculty members.

Art associate professor John Hartley features his installation involving a painting, sculpture and zoetrope, a cylindrical-shaped device that gives the illusion of motion through a sequence of still pictures, similar to a flipbook.

“It’s a very primitive and effective way of capturing motion,” deLeon said, “and in terms of art history, it is the earliest form of film.”

The painting, sculpture and zoetrope work in conjunction with each other to help tell a narrative and hold the interest of the audience, he said.

Art associate professor Trish Igo also has artwork displayed in the exhibit.

“If you were to be in a room with her work, it would be like going to a natural history or oddities museum,” deLeon said.

Igo’s piece features a three-dimensional, life-size, undefined creature. The artwork was created to leave the interpretation open to the viewer.

“What [Igo] likes to do is give you enough information that you can make connections, like that it’s an animal, but that’s all she’ll give you,” deLeon said.

A reception for the exhibit will be held noon-2 p.m. March 25 in the gallery. Also some of the artists will speak about their work during that time.

For more information, contact deLeon at 817-515-7606 or