Professor talks about Native violence

By Tikko Mercado

A presentation regarding important issues on Violence Against Native Women will be held March 28 on TR Campus.

NE government professor Lisa Uhlir will speak at the event.

Wrong portrayals of certain groups shown in movies, television or even posters may affect the way those groups are perceived by viewers.

“I would hope that they would see how we portray people in the media, in cartoons, etc., can have a direct effect on people’s behavior and treatment,” she said.

Different laws are enforced on Native American reservations, which leads to problems, Uhlir said.

“There is no recourse for crime committed on reservations,” she said. “This leads to violence against women because criminal elements are there and the women are there. What’s really gotten bad in the last four to five years is young girls disappearing.”

Rape of Native American women is especially concerning, Uhlir said.

“When we look at statistics on things like rape, etc., Native American women have the highest rates of all ethnicities,” she said. “Overwhelmingly, they’re the only ethnicity who are raped more often by people not of the same ethnicity.”

Uhlir has taught at TCC for several years and is a member of the Ojibwa tribe.

The presentation will be held noon-1 p.m. in TREF 2105.