Drake’s playlist showcases talent

By Katelyn Needham/ editor-in-chief

Drake, More Life

Drake aims to change the game with everything he releases, and More Life is no exception both in sound and platform. It might even be his best release since 2013.

Drake has taken advantage of music’s changing format by releasing More Life as a playlist rather than an album. Since Billboard has changed its rules and allowed streaming and play-lists to appear on the album charts, Drake is the first major artist to release new music in that way.

The playlist format allows for more experimentation and more music. The total comes out to 22 songs at one hour and 20 minutes. It features other artists almost as prominently as it features Drake himself, including songs like “4422” that’s heavily Sampha or “Glow,” the duet with Kanye West that features West almost more than Drake.

Drake manages to captivate his audience and develop new sounds for every album while also retaining the same vibes that keep his fans coming back.

More Life has some of the same sound influences that Views captured but also keeps the emotion and singing that fans are drawn to and has even inspired memes about his softer side. It’s clear that he puts himself and his experience into his music, especially with this.

The track “Sacrifice” features Young Thug and 2 Chainz and is vastly different from other mainstream hip-hop songs out right now. It captures its own sound and next to “Passionfruit” could be one of the play-list’s breakouts.

He manages to blend many different sound influences, and just by flipping through the songs, it’s obvious none of them sound quite like the others. This gives every track a new vibe and sound.

However, most of the playlist isn’t the same rap showcased in singles like “Back to Back” and other songs from previous albums. “Gyalchester” and “Free Smoke” get close, however.

Overall, the playlist debuts unique sounds, and overall moods are guaranteed to get fans simultaneously hyped and in their feelings, which is notoriously Drake.