Alumni to show gaming demos

By Jason Middlebrooks

South Campus’ Anime and Gaming clubs will host an anime convention 10 a.m.-5 p.m. April 15 in the Student Center.

The convention will feature video game tournaments, viewing rooms, a costume contest, karaoke and fandom-themed workshops. Students can also play game demos from two North Texas independent gaming companies.

“We have Dallas Society of Play coming,” student development associate Amanda Sims said. “Pressure Spike, who were TCC students that went to UTA, they made their own video game, so they will be demoing it.”

Pressure Spike will feature two computer games to demo, cyberpunk first-person shooter OsTarragon and 3-D brawler Unnatural Brawl.

The video game tournaments will feature Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart and Pokemon.

“There are going to be workshops on anime in America and a history workshop on Akira Kurosawa,” Sims said.

Kurosawa is a Japanese filmmaker whose filmwork influenced the anime Samurai 7.

The Cosplay Cafe, where students can buy drinks and snacks from cosplayers, will return to the event.

Students can register on Eventbrite by searching “South Campus anime convention.” For more information, contact Sims at 817-515-4154 or