Counselor addresses relationships

Many signs can help determine if a couple is in a healthy or an unhealthy relationship, a SE counselor told students recently.

Michael Eason presented Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships March 31 to inform students and faculty how to maintain a good relationship.

“I hope students are more aware of the situation,” Eason said. “If in an unhealthy relationship, I hope they become aware and get out.”

Eason, who started his career as a minister at the University of Montana, opened up the presentation by posing the question, “Are you in an abusive relationship?”

Eason presented characteristics of an unhealthy relationship such as manipulation and codependency.

“It was interesting to learn about codependency and learning that a partner in the relationship has to be with someone in order to be comfortable,” student Eduardo Gonzalez said.

Eason described the differences between infatuation and love.

He described love as honesty, respect and trust, and infatuation as jealousy and distrust.

To student Priscilla Aldprete, the healthy relationship was the most enjoyable segment of the presentation.

“I enjoyed the healthy relationship part because it tells you what you need to do to not fall into an unhealthy relationship,” she said.

Eason said it was important to remember that a partner does not complete someone emotionally but rather just represents a half of the relationship.

“In a healthy relationship, one half plus one half does not equal one,” he said.

— Semetria Calvert