Exhibition displays student art

By Jason Patrick

Original pieces of art created by students line SE’s Art Corridor I as part of the annual Studio Art Exhibition on display until April 28.

Christopher Blay, instructional assistant and curator, said the exhibit is put on every April to be judged by the Arlington Arts League, which provides scholarships to the top three pieces for returning students.

“The exhibition is judged individually by three judges from the Arlington Arts League, and they judge on quality of work and whether the student will be returning,” Blay said.

First prize is awarded a $500 scholarship, second prize is awarded $450 and third prize is awarded $325.

Different forms of art are on display from sculptures to oil on wood. A sculpture created by Carrie Brownlee, “Blood of the Earth,” uses stoneware, glaze and moss to depict trees sprouting out of heart valves.

Alec Watton uses oil and canvas in “Untitled” to portray two faces merging together in front of a black background.

In a piece by Patrick McElway called “Pennies From Hell,” he uses oil on wood to illustrate a person standing outside next to a car holding a sign that reads “Arbeit Macht Frei,” which is German for “work will set you free.”

“Although we only have one annual student art show, we have student art up every month as part of the focus art exhibits,” Blay said. “It’s a focus on each of the separate studios.”