Filmmaker finds passion through sci-fi

By Michael Foster-Sanders/ reporter

For years, Christopher Mihm was a computer programmer who made a lot of money but hated his job.

So Mihm left and started making movies, he told a South audience April 10.

“Being a filmmaker, even though much less lucrative, is more rewarding,” Mihm said.

Mihm gave students an intimate session where they could see clips of the movies he directed in his film universe named “Mihmiverse” and learn what it takes to be an independent director.

“If I make one movie, which I thought I would only do one, I want to make it somewhat special,” he said. “Plus, I knew the genre of film so well I knew I could pull it off.”

Mihm started with some background on how he became a film director.

“I was an audio engineer recording bands for 12 years, and I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would,” he said.

As a child, he would go watch monster movies, which he developed a love for that would give him insight into the ’50s-style sci-fi movies that he creates.

Mihm advised amateur directors and scriptwriters about editing and self-criticism.

“I learned a very valuable lesson,” he said. “You have to give yourself permission as an artist in anything to edit yourself. That’s the hardest thing to learn.”

One student asked how to get into the film business.

“As a low-budget independent filmmaker, I will accept anyone’s help,” he said. “Contact filmmakers and ask do they need help with anything. They may need someone to hold a boom mic or someone for continuity. Being there and seeing how it works gives you an understanding.”