By Raegan Scharfetter/managing editor

Licensed gun owners can now carry a concealed handgun while at TCC and any other community college in Texas.

The Texas Legislature enacted campus carry on four-year universities in 2016 and community colleges as of Aug. 1.

TCC established zones on each campus where carrying weapons is not permitted, including theaters and performance halls, physical education facilities, early college high schools, child care facilities (NE Campus, specifically) and also locations primarily providing health, testing and counseling services.

Assistant police chief Chanissa Dietrich said although TCC has implemented safe zones, there are no plans at this time to implement a raise in security such as metal detectors and/or an increased number of campus police.

However, there are violations and penalties for carriers. It is a violation to carry a partially or wholly visible handgun, regardless if the handgun is holstered and also for an unlicensed individual to carry. Penalties of these violations will be reported and investigated and may result in criminal and/or civil penalties.

“I would advise students, faculty, and staff to attend an information session, watch the video offered on the TCCD police department’s website [] and/or read the Campus Carry Regulations and FAQ that are posted on the site,” Dietrich said.