Autism doesn’t hinder work

By KC Hagedorn/reporter

With the help of the Texas Rangers baseball club, special needs students from TCC and Sam Houston High School in Arlington were taught the importance of interviewing and life skills for their futures at a Feb. 13 workshop on SE Campus.

Students learned about the interviewing and hiring process with the Rangers organization in a workshop designed to help them understand that special needs students have a place in the workforce.

Rangers human resources recruiter Audrey Nguyen presented topics that addressed wardrobe tips, interviewing techniques and sample interview questions.

“Our positions we are hiring for are part time, from 16 and up or 18 and up,” she said.
Positions are available in security, medical, customer service, parking and the interactive kids area. The staffing process usually begins in December, and orientation begins about a month before opening day in April.

Employers can’t ask prospective employees about their special needs but can ask if they need accommodations for a disability, Nguyen said.

Nita Halliburton, SE coordinator of special projects, helped set up the discussions with employers on SE.

“We want to show that those with special needs can work in jobs,” she said. “Most are wanting to work.”

It is currently only offered on SE, but Haliburton said she is hopeful that they will branch out to other campuses and partnering school districts.

To apply for jobs with the Texas Rangers, students can go to