Curator to honor local artists, look at classical themes

By Luke Newby/reporter

A new exhibit that takes a contemporary look at classical art will open in South Campus’ Carillon Gallery March 8.

Ar(T)chaology: Excavations of New Figurativeness, which runs through April 5, is being curated by Veronika Nikiforova, who is from St. Petersburg, Russia.

“The curator has selected artists that re-imagine classical themes through contemporary methods,” South fine arts department chair Joshua Goode said. “This is seen not only in the way the artwork is created and displayed but in how the work is placed in relationship to each other.’’

The exhibit features work from local artists Bill Komodore, Rachel Livedalen and Audrey Travis.

“It is an opportunity to see innovative approaches in representing classical figurative imagery through painting and sculpture,” Goode said. “The curator has designed the exhibit to reflect the classical Greek temple. It is an innovative way to exhibit and experience the artwork of three of our most interesting local artists.

“This exhibit not only celebrates the work of these great local artists but also demonstrates how placing different artists’ work together in a thoughtful way can create new dialogues and express a unified experience.”

For more information, contact South administrative assistant Shelley Mcleod at or 817-515-4526.