Talk advises goal-setting

By JW McNay/reporter

A NE Campus workshop Feb. 26 gave advice and strategies for students to achieve success in college and beyond.

“Start on Track!” featured four speakers who presented information such as how to set goals and discover more effective studying strategies.

Students evaluated some of their current strengths and weaknesses during the interactive portions of the workshop. Carey Miller, an academic advisor, and Kimberly Eason, NE student accessibility resources coordinator, presented information about multiple intelligences.

For students, identifying their intelligence-related strengths can lead to finding more efficient studying methods. For example, a student with a strength in bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, or body smart, may learn more efficiently when they pace or move around while studying. Academic advisor Brittany Turner presented information about which attributes are more likely to lead to success in college.

She said students may be surprised to find that success in college is not simply based on IQ or the grades received in high school. According to Turner, a positive attitude and a growth mindset is more likely to lead to success.

“At one point, we were all students,” said academic advisor Samantha Schroeder when discussing the importance of having resources available to students on campus.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” said NE student Davina Hathaway, who attended the event to earn extra credit offered by her government teacher. After the workshop, Hathaway said she felt like she had learned something and described the experience as “fun” and “informative.”

Students can pre-register for upcoming sessions at Pre-registering is not required to attend if the event does not fill up, but it guarantees a spot. The workshop will be repeated on March 26 and April 23.