Voice actor offers tips for success

By Michael Foster-Sanders/campus editor

Fans of anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia and One Piece were excited to see voice actor Chuck Huber answer questions and give advice on being a voice actor April 18 on NE Campus.

Huber, who also worked with NE drama assistant professor Jakie Cabe, wanted students to know the road to being a voice actor isn’t easy, and it takes time and dedication to hone skills to professional standards. Huber prepares for up to six hours a day. He also stressed the importance of being persistent when looking for jobs and networking to make opportunities for work happen.

NE student Wafi Hussain said he’s met a lot of voice actors, but Huber is entertaining. 

“Meeting a voice actor got me motivated to follow my dreams,” Hussain said. “Chuck Huber is one of my favorites.’’ 

Huber talked about how he auditioned for his fan-favorite role Android 17 from the anime hit Dragon Ball Z, and why it’s best for actors to be themselves when they audition, rather than worry about what the casting director wants to hear.

“When I auditioned for Android 17, I came in with a rough, tough voice, and the director was like, ‘No, man, relax,’ and when I spoke in my regular voice, the director was like ‘perfect.’”

Huber gave advice to those who aspire to become voice actors, especially about finances.

“Train. Train as an actor and also know that if you’re going to be an actor, you have to have something else to do to make money,” he said, “because in your career, there are times that you’re going to make more money, and there are times when you’re going to make less.”

NE student Treasure Shelby said she was pleased to take part in the event.

“I learned more about the voice-over industry and how to break ground in the field,” she said. “I hope there are more events like this on campus.”