Students craft resumes at workshop

By Alaina Bapp/reporter

In a workshop March 27, NW students learned one thing that often stands between them and their ideal careers are their resumes.

NW student development coordinator Taylor Jensen worked with students to help them build resumes that appeal to potential employers and help get them interviews.

“Students aren’t taught this in school, so when they are not taught something, they Google it,” Jensen said. “Students Google how to do a resume, and they find templates. The first mistake, choosing a template over coming to us and getting some really beneficial information on how to just easily do it. Templates are actually a lot harder.”

She went over six easy steps to remember while completing a resume. Students should research and understand the job description, conduct an inventory of all their work experiences, match those experiences with the job description, pick a format, write the resume and proofread.

Studies show employers only take about six seconds to look over a resume before deciding to interview or trash it, Jensen said.

“Be concise, be consistent and be relevant,” she said.

Career services offers help and resources to students wanting to build their resumes. Students can contact career services at 817-515-7785.