Groups aim to help students succeed

By Keishonda Sherman/reporter

As a new school year begins, students often set new academic goals but may not know how to accomplish them.

TR student development services assistant director Eddie Brassart said making connections with others on campus plays an important role in academic success, but the significance of relationships on success is often overlooked.

 “A key to being successful and keeping the momentum going is to make connections,” he said.

Support groups are important when achieving academic goals and give students a certain level of comfort when walking the halls, Brassart said.

“College can be scary and lonely sometimes,” he said. “Having a person on campus to talk to can really lift your spirits and give you the extra push to keep moving forward.”

Many organizations, clubs and events are available on all campuses, and they can lead to building positive relationships on a daily basis, he said.

Students should also maintain a connection with their academic adviser.

“They are your guide through the TCC journey,” Brassart said. “Whether a student is here for a certification, degree, transfer or to further develop a certain skill set, the adviser is there to help motivate and make sure you are on the right track to where you want to go.”

While building relationships is key, maintaining a balance between work, play and school should always remain a priority, Brassart said.