Questions remain after fire

By Kathryn Kelman/editor-in-chief

An arson investigation is ongoing following a fire in a grass field on NE Campus Aug. 12.

Assistant police chief Leigh Dietrich said no one was injured by the small fire, and the Hurst Fire Department extinguished the flames before they spread.

TCC police received a report of arson at 12:36 p.m. after a black female wearing blue scrubs reportedly walked into the field adjacent to parking lot E1 near Harwood Road with what looked to be a burning, rolled-up newspaper and tossed it on the ground. 

“Persons walking on campus saw the fire and the person who started it,” Dietrich said. 

The suspect tossed the flaming paper onto the ground and was last seen in the 8500 block of Harwood Road near an apartment complex across the street from NE Campus, according to a warning alert email that was distributed throughout the campus.

 A suspect has not yet been identified, Dietrich said. 

“At this time, the description listed in the warning is all we have,” she said. 

For any future incidents, Dietrich requested students, faculty and staff report any suspicious activity by visiting a campus police department or by calling 817-515-8911.

“This aids in our responding to an incident as quickly as possible,” she said.