Campus, clubs offer LGBTQ education

By JW McNay/managing editor

Students can learn more about the LGBTQ community during National Coming Out Day Oct. 11 and throughout October on TR Campus.

An informational display will remain up in Main Street during October, which coincides with LGBTQ History Month. The display consists of six large window panels that give the definition of each letter in the LGBTQ acronym, TR student development associate Cortney Walden said. For example, the first panel will have a large “L” and the definition of lesbian.

“I am hoping the display will be a conversation starter as well as a way for students to see that we support our LGBTQ+ students by choosing to acknowledge their identities,” she said.

In celebration of National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11, Walden said faculty, students and staff can stop by from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to receive buttons, refreshments and information.

“I will be on Main Street providing information for students, faculty and staff about what LGBTQ+ means and ways in which they can expand their knowledge about this specific group within our community,” she said.

Clubs from all of the campuses will have a presence at the Fort Worth Pride Parade Oct. 6, said Andee Rodriguez, NE financial aid associate and NE Pride Club adviser.

“The signs and stuff we’re holding up and presenting in the parade is gonna be in honor of those who came before us, and then those who are here with us now, and all those advancements we’re making going forward with the community,” Rodriguez said.

Throughout October, NE Pride Club will also give out basic information about the LGBTQ community, Rodriguez said.

“I think there’s a big educational component that still needs to happen around campus,” Rodriguez said.

Students who are a part of or an ally to the LGBTQ community and want to get more involved, LGBTQ-friendly clubs meet on each campus: NW’s We Are One: Gay-Straight Alliance, NE’s Pride Club, South’s Spectrum, SE’s Gay-Straight Alliance and TR’s Trinity River Equality in Education.