By Michael Lopez/repoter

NW and TR students were encouraged to be creative in an effort to spread awareness about violence against women.

On display in WSTU 1305 on NW as part of the Clothesline Project Oct. 17 and 18, T-shirts made by students displayed words of encouragement for victims of abuse or assault. Some students spread awareness while some students were themselves victims of violence. 

“We kind of just leave it to the students and how they want to express those experiences,” NW student support coordinator Leon Minor said. “In fact, some of these people made shirts because people they know were affected by violence, so that’s their way of showing their support.”

Some of the shirts not only showed support for victims but also reflected on body-image issues. The shirts showed people shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves or the experiences they went through.

Some of the shirts made by students also reflected on body image issues.
Photo by Fonda Honda/The Collegian
Some of the shirts made by students also reflected on body image issues.

“The purpose is to spread awareness but also to tell students that experience these events that they aren’t alone, that there are other people who’ve dealt with the same thing, and I think this can help create a support system,” Minor said. 

Minor urged students to notice warning signs and wanted victims to know that it’s not their fault.

“Some of those who experienced violence may sometimes think they caused it, but the shirts tell them to not be ashamed,” he said. 

TR student support coordinator Tim Cason organized TR’s Clothesline Project, which specifically encouraged victims to come forward and design a shirt, he said.

“It is the very process of designing a shirt that gives each individual a new voice with which to expose an often unspeakable experience that has dramatically altered the course of their life,” Cason said. 

TR students designed shirts Oct. 15-19 on TRTR Main Street, where the shirts will remain on display through Oct. 31, Cason said.

Anyone still interested in designing a shirt can contact Cason at 817-515-1331.