Viewpoint – Job-hunting students are facing an impasse

By Arelys Morales Conty/campus editor

Finding a job in a specific field can be hard, especially for college students who have no experience. Because of this, students can’t get the knowledge they need to keep a job.

The first step is to put together a resume which, though while in college, it might be barren. But past jobs aren’t the only thing students can put on a resume.

Internships also count as professional experience, whether they are paid or unpaid, which will look good to employers and can be found through career fairs and online listings.

Networking, which is forming relationships in the business world, is a big part of finding a job in any field. Connections in a network can refer people to jobs they’re interested in. These ties can be made through professors or online through social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. 

Building a network is a crucial step toward getting a good job. According to a survey by LinkedIn, 48 percent of businesses say their quality hires come from employee referrals. 

Volunteer work can also be put on a resume, especially if it applies to a job. It demonstrates project management and teamwork skills. People should list what they’ve learned from working on a project or with an organization.

In job interviews, employers will want to know what potential hires will bring to the job, and soft skills or people skills can be an advantage.

These can include communication, decision making, conflict resolution, reliability and time management. Though these cannot replace experience, they will add to resumes.

Nowadays, having a degree isn’t a guarantee for a good-paying job, so much more is being considered. 

While being educated is critical to be taken seriously in the professional world, having good grades just isn’t enough anymore.

The job market is always changing and employers are as well, but this generation is more than capable of going above and beyond to meet the needs of companies.

Students have the tools to get any job they want, but they have to take the initiative themselves and take the first step in the right direction.