Tarleton to take space in West Fork building

By Arelys Morales Conty/campus editor

Tarleton State University will be moving into a space on TR Campus to host classes as part of their partnership with TCC.

“Tarleton will use a renovated space on the fifth floor of TCC’s Trinity River West Fork Building,” said Cecilia Jacobs, Tarleton assistant vice president for marketing and communications.

According to a press release, Tarleton will invest $2 million on renovations to the space. To begin, Tarleton will offer completion programs in social work and nursing at the space on TR in a collaborative effort.

The expansion will make undergraduate degrees more accessible through Tarleton’s Health Sciences and Human Services College.

TCC and Tarleton have had a long association with each other from dual admission to transfer agreements.

“Our partnership dates back a quarter of a century, making it possible for cost-conscious students wanting a bachelor’s degree to start at TCC and then transfer to Tarleton,” Tarleton President F. Dominic Dottavio said in the press release.

Hosting upper-level classes on TR will make it easier for students to complete their undergraduate degree, Dottavio said.

Students can finish their bachelor’s degrees without having to travel far from TCC, according to the press release. The expansion will help lower transportation costs for students.

“Tarleton’s investment allows us to continue our commitment to provide an affordable, innovative and accessible education for students who want more than an associate degree,” TCC Chancellor Eugene Giovannini said in a press release.

Tarleton’s new location will be on Chisholm Trail Parkway in the Trinity River Campus West Fork Building.

The building will host students working to get their bachelor’s in nursing or social work.

Through the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education, students can advance from a registered nurse to a bachelor of science in Nursing, according to the press release.

Nursing students can get certified even with only their two-year degree and state license.

Tarleton, which is a member of The Texas A&M University System, serves over 13,000 students across their locations in Texas and online.

TCC and Tarleton have cooperated with each other for the past 25 years, collaborating on the mission to have an accessible higher education.

Construction on the building began at the start of this year, and Tarleton will move into the new space in fall 2019, the press release said.