Campus turns 50, to honor history

By Michael Foster-Sanders/campus editor

NE Campus is revving up for its 50th anniversary for the spring semester celebration.

The fall 50th anniversary was unfortunately marred by inclement weather, so many of the festivities had to be canceled or moved indoors. But NE assistant to the president Fred Schmidt along with NE executive director of Jerry Zumwalt hope to rectify that with making this event one to remember.

The anniversary, which will be aligned with the World Languages International Festival, will include events from the music department and a film screening of “The Linguist.”

An alumni reception will start off the festivities 6-7 p.m. April 10 in Center Corner (NSTU 1615A) where TCC-related memories from various alumni will be shared. There will also be special recognition of retiring TCC board president Louise Appleman.

“We’re going to have some presentations by former president Larry Darlage and former vice president Jerry Smith,” Zumwalt said.

The festival will then move outside to the campus quad 7-8 p.m. for an evening music event with free food.

A big part of the 50th anniversary is a time capsule that is being put together by the NE Student Government Association along with other events to honor the past and the future.

Schmidt wants the students to know that this is a great opportunity for students and faculty to come out and have fun.

“This is such a fun campus with so much going on that this is a great opportunity for people to take time, and I know time is precious when you’re a student. But come out, bring your family and be a part of the celebration,” Schmidt said.