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Don’t let fun bite in long run

By Bethany Peterson/editor-in-chief

College offers a time for experimentation and self-expression. It’s also a time to, occasionally, do something … um, less than smart.

Like planking.

Honestly, I don’t get planking. I see no fun, reward or satisfaction in lying flat on my stomach pretending to be a board on top of various objects.

But I also don’t see any great harm in it. So plank away as far as I’m concerned.

But I’m not everyone. Some find planking a serious offense.

Western Kentucky University is one such place. The college temporarily banned freshman Tyler Webster from setting foot on the campus after he planked on a campus statue. 

The statue wasn’t designed to support that kind of weight, the university said. Webster could have been hurt or the statue damaged.

They also called the “This spot has been planked” sticker Webster left on the statue defacement.

With any fun activity, there are proper boundaries. Loud music isn’t appropriate in apartment complexes after dark. Open beer isn’t allowed in cars. And pranks don’t belong in the classroom.

And plankers should respect their campus and the wishes of the administration.

Granted, the university went over the top by immediately and flat-out banning Webster rather than warning him of possible damage to campus property and of punishment for future stickers.

But no matter its actions and choices, the university is still an entity that should be respected, especially by its students.

Also incidents like this can create a bad public image of a person that can last for a lifetime or more on the Internet.

Webster is now famous for getting kicked out of school for planking. A few years down the road after Webster graduates, a potential employer might Google his name, find multiple articles about his banning and decide his indiscretions are significant enough to tip the balance in favor of another applicant.

One moment of silliness is fine. A strange hobby is cool.

But actions and decisions made now can affect jobs, relationships and much, much more for a lot longer than the high from the daring moment will last.

So go out and plank. Just be smart about it.

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