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NW emphasizes student fitness

By Ciaran Lambert/reporter

NW students and faculty learned how they could live if they choose to eat well and exercise during WOW: Weighing on Wellness.

Celya Tilley, a nurse with the Tarrant County Public Health Department, laid out a list of proper eating methods and ways to get into the mindset of losing weight and getting healthy and in shape.

Tilley has created a list of behavioral modifications that one would need to make. Her list included setting goals, developing a long-term vision and making change a priority.

Tilley also introduced the idea of having an accountability partner to keep each other in check. Self-confidence and planning ahead are also needed. Tilley said things tend to happen, and people have to be OK with setbacks and have the ability to keep pushing forward. Diet is a big part of getting in shape. Tilley discussed the USDA Food Pyramid and portion sizes.

“Half a cup of ice cream should be the size of half a baseball and a baked potato the size of a fist,” she said.

One student asked about portion size, and Tilley said it would be best to have six small portion-size meals throughout the day but urged students to check with a doctor.

In discussing the new Food Pyramid, Tilley explained that the man running up the side of the pyramid is set up to promote exercise. And that only through diet and exercise will great health be achieved. Tilley said exercise should be something people enjoy doing that keeps them active. 

“Not everyone can use a DVD. Some people need to be outside in the world doing something,” she said.

Tilley said people have a tendency to take the easy way out as a picture of a gym with stairs and an escalator was shown on a PowerPoint slide.

“With all the effort to do the right thing, people still use shortcuts,” she said. “Cut out the shortcuts.”

Tilley said people should exercise every day in some capacity for at least 30 minutes. She said students could complete three types of exercise every day: light, moderate and vigorous exercise, which consists of brisk walks with or without weights and jogging at a steady pace. She said 30 minutes of moderate exercise burns 150 calories and to lose one pound, a person would have to burn 3,500 calories. Tilley also recommends investing in a pedometer.

The body was designed with distress signals, things that happen if it’s under duress. Tilley explained the signs of a heart attack and continued to express the need to have a physical before starting intense exercise. The signs of a heart attack are pressure in the chest or chest pains, dizziness, possible cold sweat and cramps.

“Make healthier choices, eat right whenever and however often you can,” she said. “Also stay active in some way that’s fun for you.”

Chelsea Moore of the NW health services said anyone can attend the department’s seminars.

NW student Alma Ramirez said she found the seminar beneficial.

“I like to learn about new stuff. I enjoyed hearing [Tilley’s] seminar,” she said. “It’s very different from reading stuff about this than hearing about it from an official.”

Tilley said that the public health department hosts many of these seminars covering multiple health topics the public needs to know about. Moore said NW health services hosts two or more seminars a month discussing public health or raising awareness, such as October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For more information on the new Food Pyramid, go to

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