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Q: “What was your best or worst Valentine’s Day experience?”

Nellie Lutz, NE Campus
“ Last year, I went to Macaroni Grill with my friends on Valentine’s Day. It was fun because we had a cute waiter, and since we’re all single, we didn’t feel bad about looking at him.”

Antwon Ervin, South Campus
“The best Valentine’s was when I had my oldest son.”

Stefany Thomas, NW Campus
“My worst Valentine’s Day was really bad. I had flown to Florida to visit my best friend, and my boyfriend was supposed to pick me up at the airport and take me out for Valentine’s. He never showed up, and my dad had to come pick me up at the airport.”

Monique Patterson, SE Campus
“When I was 13, I had a big crush on Shane, a football player. We had been best friends since age 2. When I got to my class, I was talking to my friends about what they were going to do. All of a sudden, they got quiet. I turned around. Shane was standing there in a tux. He said he had always loved me and gave me some roses. Nobody has topped it since.”

Stephanie Knefel, South Campus
“My boyfriend at the time, senior year of high school, surprised me with flowers and chocolate, and we went out to an Italian restaurant and a movie.”

Hannah Bridges, NE Campus
“I don’t really have a best/worst Valentine’s Day. It’s just neat for me to see others participating in the holiday. For example, my dad brings home a rose to my mom every year on Valentine’s Day. It’s significant for them because he got her roses on their first date.”

Nick Bain, SE Campus
“During my senior year, my girlfriend somehow got the keys to my truck, got into it and filled my cab with balloons and candy. I think that was my best Valentine’s Day.”

Whitney Wood, NW Campus
“Senior year in high school, my boyfriend broke up with me two weeks before Valentine’s Day. After Valentine’s Day, he tried to get back together, saying he had broken up with me because he didn’t have money. I didn’t take him back.”

Ben Higham, SE Campus
“When I was in sixth grade, I saved up my money for about two weeks and bought my Valentine the usual bear and candy. She said, ‘thanks’ and then broke up with me. But she kept all the stuff.”

Joe Whatley, NW Campus
“My best Valentine’s was the year I wrote this girl I liked a love letter. During halftime I had my little brother put it on her car. She said it was the sweetest thing anyone could have done. In the end it didn’t work out, but it was worth it. I would do anything for that girl.”

Samantha Aguilera, NE Campus
“I was at work and this guy who had a crush on me sent me flowers about an hour before I got off. The card said, ‘I’ll be waiting for you, Happy Valentine’s Day.’ When I got off work, he was waiting outside for me. He took me to dinner and a movie.”

Maya Dufault, South Campus
“My senior year of high school, my boyfriend Jake drove an hour to see me and waited with a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear with hearts so we could go to Taco Tuesday.”

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