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Viewpoint-Chattering class protests pork

By Francés Matteck/editor-in-chief

Recently, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) let Americans know what he really thought about the stimulus plan and how he believes his constituents want him to vote.

“Let me say this to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little, tiny, yes, porky amendments — the American people really don’t care,” he said.

Be careful of the arrogant words you throw around, Schumer, because you might not like the results.

In response to his supercilious comment, radio talk show host Leland Conway encouraged his listeners to send in bags of pork rinds to News Radio 630 WLAP to be forwarded to Schumer as a message. A message that, yes, the American people do actually care about those porky amendments.

How dare he assume that we, the “chattering class,” wouldn’t care about amendments that are obviously agenda-driven pork of politicians getting too big for their britches.

WLAP received 1,500 bags of pork rinds from their listeners, which the station shipped to Schumer with a letter from radio personalities Conway, Dusty Dan and Jason Phillips.

“The fact is Americans do care about wasteful spending and corruption in government. Remember that government has nothing that it doesn’t first take from its citizens,” the letter said.

Citizens in Seattle, Denver and Mesa, Ariz., protested the stimulus days before and after the legislation was signed.

“Atlas will shrug.” “Henrietta got a house. All I want’s a swimming pool.” “I will be paying your bills the rest of my life!” “Say no to generational theft.”

These slogans are just a few of the ones plastered on signs that protesters displayed to make their feelings about the stimulus known.

Demonstrators also made a point to feast on pulled pork and a whole roasted pig for lunch.

What is the point of protesting legislation even after it has been signed into terrifying life? The point is we care.

Citizens are angry and afraid this behemoth is going to hurt their future rather than help the present economy.

Despite this, the men and women who are supposed to represent our best interests brought the monster to life.

If they are not going to pay heed to their constituents, then it is time for the “chattering classes” to make their collective voice heard.

We will not be underestimated, talked down to and scraped off the boot of government.

Protect your future. Make your voice heard.

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