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TR event discusses branding, leadership

By Melanie Urrejola/reporter

TR students learned about the main ingredients of leadership in today’s business world and the importance of branding during the campus’ 26th Leadership eXperience Summit April 26. 

Entrepreneur Lingda Ngo owns Ngo Limit Inc., which provides a variety of services through its multiple companies. She was named 2014 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

“When I was contacted for this event, I did not even realize I was being watched, and that is what prompted today’s topic of branding,” she said. “As business people, we forget to really realize who is watching us. And that is why branding is very important.”

Ngo said her personal experience with domestic violence and sexual abuse has made her the strong leader and entrepreneur she is today. By telling her personal stories of adversity and hardship, she believes she can motivate audiences throughout communities.

“My dad shot my mom when I was 3, so I basically had no family,” she said. “I did not have a good support system. I was always striving for that attention from teachers and adults that would accept me for who I was. In doing so, I tried learning as much as I could because technically you are a survivor. You have to defend and fight for yourself.”

Ngo has been involved in a vast number of business categories in her life from mortgage to public relations to bail bonding that have built her name and furthered her knowledge in the business world.

“If you learn a little bit about every little industry, take the time to learn about whatever you might come across, you will gain knowledge,” she said. “And, in my personal philosophy, you will not get manipulated. As a young woman who did not have a family support system, I always wanted to learn as much as I could to be able to hold an intelligent conversation. It’s about branding and how you carry yourself and about knowledge and being thirsty to learn.”

She provided students with ways to become better leaders as well as guidance in how to carry oneself in the leadership position no matter what impediments one faces.

It is important to use the skills one already possesses, use those same skills to become a better person and leader and be able to achieve positions in the workplace, Ngo said.

“You cannot be a leader if you are not ready to hit obstacles and downfalls,” she said. “You cannot be a leader that is perfect. You cannot be a leader that is blemish-free.”

Ngo said one of her biggest lessons was learning how to react as a leader.

“People are going to question your authority,” she said. “People are going to question your position. You either give them a good answer or you give them a good response. It’s all up to you. You cannot control people’s actions, but you can control your reaction.”

Ngo offered advice on furthering and making their leadership skills stronger for future references.

“Perception is everyone’s personal opinion,” she said. “If we respect their personal opinion at the end of the day, we are good.”

Ngo said the key to leadership is respecting others even if their opinions are different.

“Do not feel as if you are better than anyone,” she said. “Appreciate those who give you their time.”

Leaders should have several qualities, Ngo said. They include communication, understanding, perseverance, knowledge about subjects and people, patience and self-determination.

“Learn how to deal with rejection,” she said. “Grow a thick layer of skin or two or three because you are going to need it. You have to be confident within yourself, what you stand for, what your brand stands for, and make sure it is consistent within your life. You cannot be a leader if you do not have those qualities.”

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