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Stadium workers take NFL lockout in stride

By Marley Malenfant/feature editor

Since owners and players still haven’t agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement, the National Football League is in a lockout, leaving its players out of jobs.

SE student Chamel Fowler serves as an event staffer at Cowboys Stadium. The NFL lockout has brought on the possibility of Fowler and other TCC students losing work as football season nears.
Claire Weeden/The Collegian

While many of the league’s players have millions saved, chances are an employee working at the concessions stand at one of the league’s 32 stadiums doesn’t. Yet many seem to be taking the situation in stride.

SE student Chamel Fowler works at Cowboys Stadium as an event staffer. When the Cowboys aren’t playing, she works at the stadium’s other events. She also works at the Texas Rangers’ ballpark during baseball season.

While the lockout does concern her, Fowler believes the owners and the players union will come to an agreement.

“Right now, it’s not a big deal,” she said. “If there is a lockout, I’m pretty sure Jerry Jones has a backup plan. He’s not losing no money. It won’t be as steady, but I’m sure we’ll have work. It’s been something I’ve thought about a lot.”

Fowler said none of the supervisors have discussed the lockout among the employees.

“I really think they’re not taking this that seriously,” she said. “They haven’t called a big staff meeting like, ‘This is what is going to happen.’”

Fowler hopes Jones continues to book events with other artists and sporting events, such as a recent Kenny Chesney concert and a women’s lacrosse event.

SE student Ledonte Body works as an usher at the stadium. While he needs the job, he’s not as concerned as some of his co-workers. Body doesn’t plan on looking for another job if the lockout continues.

“I’m not. I think about it, but I’m not worried,” he said. “It’s a fun job. Most people I work with are retired, but the money [from retirement] wasn’t enough, so they need it, and I need the job.

“They haven’t talked to us about the lockout. They tell us to prepare for the next season. I guess they’re going to wait until the last minute. If it happens, I’ll just go to school full time.”

Fowler said while it has crossed her mind to find another line of work, she doesn’t want to work in the fast food business again. She said it would be hard to leave her current job.

“The Cowboys establishment is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up on,” she said. “Just working with most of those people and Jerry Jones, having him on your résumé got you in the door. If I got offered something higher, then I’ll most definitely take it.”

Fowler said she feels bad for other employees around the league who may not get any work with the lockout.

“I don’t know anybody who doesn’t know anything about the lockout,” she said. “And if you work for a stadium and that’s the only job that’s making you some money, then I’d most definitely be looking for something else just in case because you never know how long this thing is going to last.”

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