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Collegian letter disgraces college

Last week, I was made aware of a letter that was written to the editor of The Collegian, and I was deeply disturbed that The Collegian decided to run with such a letter.

It was in poor taste. I understand that it wasn’t written by a Collegian staff member, but against all standards, they still decided to print the letter. This goes against everything TCC as an institution stands for, so I encourage The Collegian to set a precedent and raise their standards when it comes to deciding what is in poor taste.

I’m fairly sure that letters containing racial slurs, religious slurs or misogynist slurs would not be accepted for print. My hope is that The Collegian will use equal consideration when it comes to slurs against the LGBT community.

Providing a platform for people to make such accusations is not only in poor taste but is potentially dangerous by condoning discrimination and also discouraging students from expressing themselves freely when it comes to their sexual orientation.

After having a conversation with someone at The Collegian, I don’t know if things will change, but what is changing is the environment we live in, whether it’s TCC, the church, Fort Worth or the United States of America. They are all progressing along with the rest of the world in providing acceptance, respect and equal rights for ALL!

Something positive has happened as a result of reading this letter: that force is an even greater determination to continue my passion and live my life more freely. When I stand in the middle of Main Street hallway at Trinity River Campus and look out to the beautiful landscape and follow the water that cascades down the aqueduct, I see a presence of acceptance. We — TREE, TCC TRC and its faculty, staff and students —have witnessed a historic landmark on how, in the presence of resistance, hatred and bigotry, we came together as a community and are overcoming such obstacles.

Oscar Avila

President of Trinity River Equality in Education

Letter ridiculous, but not humorous

Dear Editor,

I was very disappointed when I saw the inclusion of the editorial [letter] from Richard Hollerman. I absolutely value freedom of speech and strongly supported the recent Supreme Court case upholding the free speech rights of the Westboro Baptist Church, an organization with opinions similar to those held by Mr. Hollerman.

I don’t, however, think it is an infringement of free speech when a newspaper makes choices about the type and tone of language allowed into their publications. I am not saying Mr. Hollerman isn’t allowed to voice his opinion about the new TCC policy, but I would value a rational opposition without quite so much blatant hatred and false stereotyping. Would The Collegian also include a letter which included racial epithets and propagated racial stereotypes?

Seriously, the statements made in the letter are so outlandishly ridiculous I almost question the sincerity of the author. Actually, it would be better for his morality (and for The Collegian’s credibility) if it were a piece of satire. Unfortunately, though, it’s just a piece of something else.

Alexis Lohse

TR, South student

Ignorance leaves writer blinded

Dear Mr. Hollerman,

I will have to agree with Thomas Anable in saying that “community has advanced positively.” In every community, we are only as strong as our weakest link, and I fear in this case, it is you. Your ignorance about the people that you try to influence and demean by writing such letters is exactly why our society is taking so long to progress.

Your ignorance has apparently affected your vision. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender does not make you a bad person nor comparable to any other who commits rape, pedophilia or child molestation. These acts are acts of violence and crimes.

The last I checked, having the ability to love wasn’t a crime. Else, we’d all be criminals.

Michelle Rogers

SE Campus

Lifestyle not to be judged by others

Dear Editor,

I have just finished reading the letter Mr. Richard Hollerman submitted to the editor of The Collegian, and it has prompted me to write my own letter.

I am an openly gay professor at TCC SE, and I am a member of the Gay and Straight Alliance at our campus. My lifestyle is my own personal business, and it is not up for “acceptance” where ignorant and judgmental individuals like Hollerman are concerned.

Mandating that city employees attend a diversity training seminar is exactly what intolerant individuals like Hollerman need. It is my hope that they will receive the education necessary to know that homosexuality is not comparable to incest, adultery, rape, child molestation or any of the other examples he listed.

It is a disgrace to anyone who reverently tries to understand the teachings of the Bible or any other religious scripture that all Richard Hollerman is advocating is hatred.

Paul Fiorella

SE drama assistant professor

Judgment only unites community

I am writing this letter in response to Richard Hollerman’s March 30 letter to the editor.

Mr. Hollerman, as long as there are people like you in our society, the LGBT community will continue to make strides to promote public acceptance and to dispel any and all vicious falsehoods that people like you propagate about them.

Also, I find your analogy to be deeply offensive. You are taking a beautiful shade of the spectrum of human sexuality and twisting it for the purpose of likening it to all kinds of foul behavior. Perhaps you are the one with the perverted mind, not the people who engage in consensual sexuality and romance.

Mathew Shaw

SE Campus

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