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Viewpoint-Conservative radio is parasitic garbage

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Alyson Oliver
senior editor

Conservative talk radio, perhaps one of the most insidious paths to becoming desensitized to bigotry, dominates the airwaves.

Anyone can switch on the radio during a long commute or a period of downtime and discover one of these abrasive-but-entertaining radio personalities. 

Infamous Rush Limbaugh was one of the most well-known examples, but there is still a variety of similar hosts to choose from and a constant stream of broadcasts to listen to.

It’s scary how readily available these shows are when they’re breeding grounds for conspiracy theories, far-right ideology and hatred. 

They convince their listeners anyone who thinks differently from them is, if not evil, stupidly blind to the truth. This vicious “us-versus-them” mentality makes for dedicated fan bases.

There is no accountability, either. Many hosts have a history of making racist, homophobic, transphobic and sexist comments and tyrannizing those with different political ideologies under the guise of comedy.

And if you object, you’re unable to “take a joke” or “handle brute reality.” Because apparently, paying other human beings basic respect is a bad thing.

Supporters are exempt from these insults, becoming the ones doling them out instead.

“…that was how Rush attracted people to stand with him, because it meant they were out of the line of fire,” said reporter Sam Thielman in an NBC News article on Limbaugh’s passing.

You aren’t really a great entertainer if all your entertainment value rests on trying to tear down others’ ideas by making straw man arguments and being morally obscene, anyway.

To be a devoted fan of these shows and claim you still support the people of color, members of the LGBTQ community and women in your life is a total contradiction.

What amount of pain and damage could have been avoided had America not been poisoned over the airwaves? It’s a shame we’ll never know.

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