Game Review: Nostalgia fuels remaster of classic RPG titles

Meghan Schilling
campus editor

Pokémon is back and better than ever for a nostalgic reset catered toward older fans of the franchise.

When Nintendo announced the release of “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond” and “Shining Pearl,” many fans, like myself, could not wait for it. We could relive our childhood memories in better quality, and possibly, experience more of the original adventure since it’s a remaster of the titles from 2006.

I was not dissatisfied with the announcement and knew I had to be a part of the adventure once again.

I purchased the games Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl together, but for this review, I will only be discussing Brilliant Diamond. A cool feature I would like to mention with purchasing both games was that it gives you 200 free Poké Balls that you can use with either game.

I played the original “Pokémon Diamond” when I was a kid and was hoping it would keep the elements to Pokémon just as exciting. As I started playing the game, I noticed the graphics to it were amazing and kept the old aspect of the game at hand with the same adventure, and the same element to the Pokémon battles. “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond” kept classic elements, making it feel like a comfy nostalgia trip, and this helped smooth over some of the rougher-looking elements in the original.

While playing the game, I noticed there was a slight change to it, but not enough to break the old game’s formula. This is where my only complaint does come in at times. It felt as if I was just playing the original game with better graphics. I know it was just supposed to be a remaster, but I feel like they could have included something different with the adventure and added to the content. They kept a more retro style to the game. When the characters talk for their monologue sections, they look so much clearer and less glitchy.

The playable character dances, surrounded by Turtwig, Piplup, Pikachu, Chimchar and Clefairy, creatures the player can capture to put in their team.

However, I will say completing battles with other trainers was made a little easier because you discover more hidden moves with your Pokémon. It also includes a new feature that lets you access your Pokémon boxes from anywhere, rather than needing to head back into town and check in at a Pokémon Center. This makes it less of a hassle than the original game had made it out to be. Also, you can keep the Pokémon you started with instead of switching them out continuously.

Brilliant Diamond also lets Pokémon free roam as you progress in the game, and they also are seen outside wandering by themselves.

Although, I do feel the game was made a tad bit easier compared to the original DS version. I am not complaining because it helped me get through the game much quicker.

For those wondering, I decided to start with Piplup — an ice-type penguin Pokémon — and nicknamed him “Pip” for short. I am highly satisfied with the game and would recommend it to old Pokémon lovers. I also cannot wait for the newest Pokémon game to be released in 2022.