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Drake’s new album is pretty OK

Photo courtesy of OVO.


I don’t often tell people I listen to Drake. I’m a casual listener, hardly ever needing to mention it. But, when “For All The Dogs” was released this month, the attention it got from the internet was too much not to write my own input and join the bandwagon.  

I don’t hate the album. In fact, I enjoyed it. Most of that had to do with Drake literally assembling the Avengers of popular artists – in my opinion – to make this 25-track album. I knew it was going to be good when I saw SZA in the track list. If SZA is cool with it, I’m cool with it.  

We are in an odd era with Drake right now. I can’t quite pinpoint where it came from, but suddenly he was “the typa guy” – something I hope to never write or verbalize again – and so, so sassy. Trying to understand the complex Drake lore would be like chasing waterfalls.  

Having said all of that, Drake has always stayed true to his style regardless of what the internet dubs him, and I can respect that.  

I don’t think I’ve ever stopped one of his songs and thought, “Who is this?”  

The energy in this album is considerably hype, an exciting team-up of R&B and hip-hop rap. Listening to it while working in an office was admittedly an odd choice, but the energy was there if you can imagine what it’s like to read emails really intensely.  

This new album is potent with bass and confidence. It’s moody and a little arrogant, too. If you enjoy a little kick to your music, I would consider it a listen.  

It’s not so much an office classic unless you are into headbanging in your swivel chair, however, if you cherry pick some of the songs for the gym, you’ll have a successful workout. 

I say cherry pick because there’s variety in this album. It makes sense, there are multiple artists with the same vibe yet different styles so it’s going to be a party mix. I would recommend “First Person Shooter” and “IDGAF,” personally.  

Just don’t play that last one too loud. In my experience, it made me levitate out of my car seat in fear. At that point, I had only known “IDGAF” for that silly, goofy Drake lyric everyone had been talking about. I didn’t know there was a viscous beat drop only a minute in.  

And hey, Maybe I’m dramatic, or maybe for a moment my soul actually departed from my body after being deceived into believing the angelic singing was innocent. Either way, be wary of the volume.  

I’m a “Passionfruit,” “Let’s Call It Off” and “Feel No Ways” kind of girl. While I appreciate high energy music, I want a little peace in my life too. That’s why in “For All The Dogs,” I took a liking to “Bahamas Promise,” “Members Only,” and “8am in Charlotte.”  

That moodiness I mentioned earlier is really clear in those three, and I just love a song or two with that kind of tempo and emotion. Something about the drama of it all makes it so interesting. If there’s one thing Drake knows, it’s how to express forlorn feelings without it being sappy.   

All in all, it’s a solid album with artists that work well with Drake. I look forward to seeing what he releases next year, and maybe a new form of corniness to pair with him, because who is Drake if not “the typa guy.” 

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