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Women STEM with greatness at seminar

Industry insights are presented during EmpowerHER online event

With Women’s History Month wrapping up, TCC celebrated female empowerment in STEM fields with a special online seminar.

Last week’s EmpowerHER in STEM seminar saw panelists share their life and career experiences in relation to STEM. The panel shed light on the reality of working in their industry as women and sought to inspire students – male and female – to pursue their careers.

Connect student activities coordinator Victoria Hitz said the seminar was to show students unique perspectives to inspire them to pursue their interests.

“The idea with this panel was bringing together professionals, and especially women leaders in industries, who are making a name and really advocating for women to become a part of these fields and career paths,” she said.

She said another reason for the seminar was bring awareness to the lack of women in the STEM industry.

“There’s still such a movement to grow,” Hitz said. “[We want to show students] The idea that, yes, women can also become a part of STEM.”

She added that the push for women in STEM isn’t as strong as it should be, at least when compared to other states and communities.

“It was such a male dominant industry for so long, and it’s growing exponentially in some ways, and other places, especially I think, around here in North Texas, it’s still a growing idea,” Hitz said.

While the industry still has room to grow, in its current form it offers unique strengths for people in the field, according to TR IT learning management system administrator Natalie Gamble.

“What’s motivating to me is the flexibility STEM careers offer,” Gamble said. “You get to use, you know, creativity and technology and you can work remote.”

As the panel drew to a close, guest speaker and vice president of operations at Fulgent Genetics, Doreen Ng, shared four key lessons she learned over the years in the hopes students could take away some useful insights.

“Number one, I think you we need to know our passion, doing what you like, it’s a passion, and doing what you don’t like, it’s stressful. It’s a key ingredient for success from my perspective.”

The second lesson is found in learning and mastering empathy, she said.

“People are the expense of any business you are in, and you cannot really attain sustainable success, if you do not think about other people and empathize with them.”

The third lesson comes in finding wisdom, she said.

“Being smart is good, but I think being wise is better,” Ng said. “I think being wise helps you better prioritize your time, your effort and energies towards things that really matters, right, so that you can continue to im- prove, or seek opportunities to optimize and advance.

“The last lesson emerges with focus and time, she said.

“Don’t give up. Right? Remind your- self every day you need to be patient and be persistent in the effort that you choose. And keep yourself focused and stay on the course of action.”

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