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Having children is desired, but unrealistic

Tj Favela/The Collegian

Childbirth rates among young American adults have been on the decline for many years, and there’s a host of reasons why.

Many young adults in America are living in a confused state of mind. There’s so much being thrust upon the upcoming generation that it’s made the act of living as one an exercise in unhealthy habits and ambivalence, let alone living with kiddos.

There are many young adults out there who find joy in the idea or possibility of having children. However, many feel it isn’t worth going through the trials and tribulations that come with having kids at this point.

Young adults forging their own paths across the whole of America have their hands full with trying to navigate around the hurdles life throws at them. It’s a difficult process, but a necessary one.

Though, narrowing it down may be helpful, so let’s break it down. One of the biggest hurdles among up and coming adults that are affecting the whole baby-making shebang is priorities.

Birthing a whole human being into the world is an amazing, gross, joyous and potentially troubling ordeal. Raising a baby is not only a responsibility, but a rite of passage.

It’s a special moment. A moment that can’t be fully appreciated by one or two of the many stress-induced 20 or 30 something year olds out there.

Another key aspect of why the birth rates is on the decline is the political landscape that America has found itself helplessly waddling in, like the oil-covered ducks in those Dawn Ultra commercials.

In a country plagued by political outrage and uncertainty, it’s no wonder why so many young adults don’t take their chances with having a child right now. It’s a complicated system at a complicated point in its complicated life.

Additionally, let’s talk about money. One doesn’t simply go around popping out kiddiewinks all willynilly with nothing in their pockets except for lint and gum wrappers.

Adults need living wages to care for said kiddiewinks. Not to mention, nowadays, it’s become quite difficult for parents to feel safe having their children run out and about. Having a child means having acute senses and perception of what’s happening all around us. Needless to say, it’s imperative to be focused on providing young kids with a safe space where they can feel comfortable.

There’s an alarming lack of safe or immediate third spaces available for children as well as adults. Many modern social settings are not the safest places to hang around in for even grown-ups, let alone innocent, young kids.

A fair number of reasons play a role in why the decline in child births has become a talking point. However, it’s worth mentioning that just like any other discussion, there is nuance.

On the opposite side of the discussion lies the young adults who simply do not want to have kids. This is another crucial factor in why people are having fewer kids – they may not want them. Well, not as soon as previous generations anyway.

Children take a lot of time and a lot of work, and for some, that’s time and work that could be spent elsewhere. There’s always the thought of generational and societal guilt looming overhead, but as we inch forward into the future, it seems that guilt has slowly started to subside.

The prospect of having kids isn’t something that a sizable number of young adults actively have on their minds. It’s just not the right time for many people. Many people are focusing more on getting in the right head space and right physical space. Now more than ever, people are prioritizing their wellbeing and trying to become the best versions of themselves they can be.

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