CD Review-Earth Voyage, Joseph Sullinger

By Haneen Khatib/nw news editor

Joseph Sullinger brings a relaxing tone to his classical-and-light-rock-inspired ensemble in his third solo album, Earth Voyage.

This CD is an impeccable mix of world music, new age and smooth jazz.

With an oceanic theme, Earth Voyage has a soothing and peaceful reaction starting from the first song, “Drawn by the Wind,” and ending with “The Ocean.”

In some of the songs in this album, Sullinger plays alongside the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra.

His songs have also been heard in two episodes of the award-winning television series, The Dog Whisperer.

Before heading back to Mexico, Sullinger played in major concerts in Dallas with Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, Poison and other well-known artists.

After moving to Mexico, Sullinger has dedicated his music mainly to classical and Latin-type instrumental guitar music.

Most of Sullinger’s song titles are based on the ocean, which fits perfectly since his songs give a relaxing vacation feel.

Songs such as “Sailing” or “Ships at Sea” are slow compared to other songs on the album.

They feel like the type of music yoga instructors put at the end of a class when it’s relaxation time.

All in all, this album was better than expected and is perfect for almost any occasion.

From a romantic dinner to tanning on the beach or simply just enjoying a quiet car ride home, this album will surely put the listener in a great mood.