Female staffer reports campus groping incident

By Raegan Scharfetter/managing editor

A female staff member reported Aug. 2 that an unidentified male groped her in between the NFAB and NCAB buildings on NE Campus.

The suspect grabbed/slapped the victim’s buttocks, and police labeled this as a sexual assault case. He is described as a black male, 18-25 years old, approximately 250 pounds, with black hair. He was wearing black pants, a black sweater and a black baseball cap.

When the victim attempted to photograph the suspect, he ran in the direction of the NHSC building.

NE student Karlee Therman says the incident is a scary situation since it is on her primary campus and the occurrence has made her want to be more cautious when walking alone on campus.

“It is scary to even think about because you never think it will happen so close to you,” she said. “There should be more security cameras and more police officers patrolling the campus to prevent future assaults.”

TCC’s assistant police chief Chanissa Dietrich said each campus has security cameras, but police do not release their locations.

“There are surveillance cameras throughout the district, and the police department continuously evaluates their placement as a means of ensuring the safest environment possible for our community,” Dietrich said.

A Department of Justice study last year concluded that as many as one in four college women in the U.S. are sexually assaulted.

Instructional associate Shane Whitehead, who also teaches self-defense classes, said everyone should know a fundamental level about self-defense and also be aware of their surroundings to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

“In society today, so many people are on social media while walking that they do not realize what is occurring around them,” he said. “It is unfortunate and surprising that it happened, but if it happens, victims should gather their information and report it immediately.”

To report any suspicious activity, visit our campus police station or call 817-515-8911.