By Raegan Scharfetter/managing editor

There’s one thing potential viewers should know before watching the highly anticipated remake of Stephen King’s It: Bring an extra pair of underwear.

It follows the story of seven children in Derry, Maine, who are terrorized by Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgard), who appears every 27 years, only to face their own individual fears in the process.

Throughout the film, the detailed and saddening backstories of the seven children and their phenomenal ability to act out these horrific scenes distracted from the lacking backstory of Pennywise.

The character development of the seven children was nothing short of outstanding. Each dealt with inner demons, such as, the loss of family members, speech impediments, obesity, molestation and mysophobia but somehow bonded together to overcome their fears and put an end to Pennywise’s terror.

Now, for the graphics and makeup in the film? Disgusting, in the best way possible. Pennywise’s method of luring the children into his reach was to present them with their deepest fears, whether it’s reliving family members’ deaths or getting chased by a demented leper, until they ran right in his direction.

It was two hours and 15 minutes full of blood, gore and jump-scares for the audience who muscled up the courage to watch.

However, the film didn’t just speak the language of horror. It provided a balanced mixture of teenage-boy humor and the sentimental value of friendship to lighten the mood a smidge after, you know, intense child-feasting scenes.

The film concludes with “Chapter 1,” assumptions are being made that the second installment of the duology will dig deeper into Pennywise’s dark and twisted past.

For a remake of the original film which, funny enough, came out 27 years ago in 1990, It did not disappoint. I don’t suspect the second installment will either.

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