Event to help students find passion, success

By Kathryn Kelman/editor-in-chief

Push Your Passion is a South Campus event designed to help students identify what they’re passionate about.

The event will run 1-2 p.m. Sept. 18 and a follow-up session will be held 1:30-2:30 p.m. Sept. 19. Both sessions will be held in SACT 1429.

“The focus is helping students identify what inspires and motivates them,” counseling director Ticily Medley said.

Medley, the workshop facilitator, says a key to academic and career success is fulfilling one’s passion.

“So, I plan to help students explore the possibility of their passion,” she said.

During the workshop, Medley will guide participants through several thought exercises, like a critical thinking exercise, to help them uncover where their passion lies, she said.

“I hope students will be intrigued by the idea of being able to uncover their passions,” Medley said. “I hope participants will come ready to use their critical thinking skills and ready to be open with themselves about what drives them in life.”

Medley hopes students will walk away from the workshop with a new perspective of how they view themselves and how they view their goals in life, she said.

“Research shows that the majority of Americans despise their jobs or feel ambivalent about their jobs,” Medley said.

She wants students to leave the session understanding how insights gained during the session can be applied to their academic majors, career choices and other aspects of their lives, she said.

“Hopefully, this session will guide participants toward majors, careers or hobbies about which they feel passionate,” Medley said.

For more information about the Push Your Passion workshop, contact Medley at ticily.medley@tccd.edu or 817-515-4742.