African music, dance to be celebrated at event

By Juan Ibarra/campus editor

Dance, eat and learn while enjoying an authentic drum and dance performance with influences from West African culture.

NW student activities is partnering with the Bandan Koro African Drum and Dance Ensemble for “Celebrate Black History” on Feb. 20.

“The dancers will discuss the cultural significance of the drums, their attire, and teach dance moves to audience members,” said Rachael McCloskey, NW student activities coordinator.

Students can take a step back and observe history from a different perspective. The event will include a dance routine being led by the Bandan Koro Drum and Dance Ensemble.

“Along with observing music and dance choreography, the audience experiences brilliant attire, authentic instruments, and traditionally based dances that are presented by the ensemble,” said Tony Brown, Bandan Koro director.

All of the attire and style used by the Bandan Koro during their performances comes from West Africa, Brown said.

“Bandan Koro means ‘Under the Tree,’ which is often a gathering place for the community in West African settings,” Brown said.

The partnership between TCC and the Bandan Koro has been in place since 2014 and is important to the relevance of this year’s “Celebrate Black History” event.

“It’s one thing to put on a program for students,” said Alex Potemkin, NW library services director. “It’s something else to put on a program that students can get absorbed in and participate in.”

This event will bring together different perspectives and conveys these in new ways, particularly in ways that resonate with the students, he said.

“Bandan Koro has been supporting programs for multiple TCC campuses for Black History Month programs, international festivals and music and dance workshops,” Brown said.

This event is an opportunity for the TCC community to strengthen bonds within the community through a shared experience in a fun and educational environment, he said.

Celebrate Black History

10:30 a.m.-noon Feb. 20

in WSTU 1303/1305 on NW Campus