Symposium to feature speakers, political discourse

By Jade Myers/campus editor

Political polarization is the theme in this year’s history symposium Feb. 21 on TR Campus.

“We are in a political polarization time,” said Chad Wooley, TR history and government chair.

The symposium is being put together by TCC and Tarleton State University.

“Political polarization is not something that is brand new,” Wooley said. “It has happened since the founding of our country. But now, it is accelerated with many different avenues from which we can become polarized,” Wooley said.

TCC panel speakers include philosophy professor Mark Anderson as well as Corena White and Rik Sehgal, both government associate professors.

“In the morning we’ll have TCC panels from TR and then we’ll have a TCC panel from South Campus,” Wooley said.

After the panels, there will be lunch where four journalists are going to talk about the topic du jour, Wooley said.

These journalists include Cynthia Allen and Bud Kennedy from the Star -Telegram and Anthony Mariani from Fort Worth Weekly. Emily Farris, TCU political science assistant professor, will be speaking during lunch as well.

“In the afternoon will be the Tarleton panels,” Wooley said.

Tarleton’s Derek Lehman will talk about bad samaritans’ religion and anti-immigrant and anti-muslim sentiment in the U.S. Cross’s topic is the evolution of political parties in the U.S.

Keynote speaker Thomas E. Patterson, Bradlee professor of government and the press at Harvard Kennedy School, will end the day introducing his new book, How America Lost Its Mind.

9 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Feb. 21 in the Action Suite (TRTR 4204) and Energy Auditorium (TRTR 4008)

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