Viewpoint – Cardi B needs to be muted, canceled now

By Michael Foster-Sanders/campus editor

Old Instagram videos of rapper, and I use that term loosely, Belcalis Almanzar otherwise known as Cardi B, were exposed last week by the killer of careers, the almighty Twitter.

She talked about her past life when she was an exotic dancer, and to make ends meet or “come up,” she would engage in the act of prostitution. But instead of going through with the act, she would drug and rob the men of their money and goods by her own admission.

Also, in another video, she talks about how she would get revenge on a cheating boyfriend by getting him intoxicated and bringing a transgender person into the bedroom without his knowledge to engage in sexual acts without his permission to shame him, which falls under sexual assault.

These kinds of actions and rhetoric are unacceptable.

This isn’t the only time she’s been in the spotlight for negative news. In 2018, while in a rap war with Nicki Minaj, Minaj exposed tweets and videos where Cardi B called black women “roaches,” insulted transgender people and also made light of a dead baby.

Since the unearthing of these videos, she has made statements saying that was a part of her old life, and she doesn’t condone that type of behavior now, but that was just a year ago and her music also says otherwise.

People are also making excuses for her actions, basically justifying them by saying she did what she had to do to survive. But Cardi B’s reasons for doing these things are inexcusable.

Nobody deserves to be drugged, sexually assaulted, called racial slurs or robbed, no matter what a person’s position in life might be at the time.

In the era of #MeToo and combating sexual harassment, why isn’t Cardi B facing the same backlash?

In 2013, the rapper Rick Ross was featured on the hit song “U.O.E.N.O.” where he rapped the lyric “Put a molly in her drink and she ain’t even know it.” Molly is a drug usually used to lower inhibitions. The rapper was dropped from his Reebok deal and from multiple concert gigs and lost over $1 million in revenue.

Cardi B is the new face of toxic femininity and must be canceled.