Beto O’Rourke Election 2022

Beto Official Headshot
Courtesy of Beto O’Rourke Campaign
Beto O’Rourke is the Democratic
candidate for the Texas governor race.


    • O’Rourke is pro-choice and says he trusts Texas women to make their own health care decisions. O’Rourke also plans to veto any future legislation to “further control women.

LGBTQ rights:

    • O’Rourke said he believes in equality, for all regardless of orientation or identity. O’Rourke wants to pass the state’s first comprehensive nondiscrimination law to protect fundamental rights and freedoms for all.

Border and Immigration:

    • O’Rourke said he supports an immigration system that is “safe, legal and orderly.” He believes the safety of the border is a top priority. O’Rourke wants to deter illegal immigration by guaranteeing legal pathways for migrants. He said he believes that we should listen first to the communities along the border. He said he believes in “bipartisan solutions, not counterproductive political stunts.”

Environment and energy:

    • O’Rourke said he believes in climate change and clean energy and supported the Green New Deal, which was a bill directed at climate change that would move the U.S. away from oil and gas. O’Rourke wants to redesign the power grid to prevent outages due to weather.

Gun control:

    • O’Rourke said he supports both the second Amendment and gun control. O’Rourke said he wants to enact solutions to prevent mass shootings. He said he does not believe any citizen should own assault weapons.

Marijuana legalization:

    • O’Rourke said he is for the legalization of marijuana and wants to expunge the records of those arrested for marijuana possession. O’Rourke is in favor of President Joe Biden’s pardoning of individuals charged with simple marijuana possession on a federal level.

Health care:

    • O’Rourke said he supports expanding Medicaid and wants to improve Texas’ last-place rank in mental health care access in the nation.