Book regarding immigration, war discussed by students


A book club discussion about “The Naked Don’t Fear the Water,” chosen by the NE Campus president Kenya Ayers-Palmore was held on Feb. 22.

“The Naked Don’t Fear the Water” was open for discussion among both the faculty members and students in the library, with free snacks and drinks provided. There were discussions about issues involving war, immigration, inequality, power, culture, globalism and corruption.

One of the main themes of this book was immigration. Numerous people expressed their thoughts on it, and gave their overall summary of what the book was about.

NE librarian Twyla Reese-Hornsby, who attended the book club discussion, gave a description about the character struggles and recurring theme of immigration in the book.

“Hurdles in which refugees are trying to escape and rely on unreliable people to get to their desired destinations,” she said.

NE library specialist Megan Lambert gave her insight on what the plot of the book embodies as well.

“It’s a story that highlights people trying to escape their country for a better life,” she said.

Lambert also discussed how the book club is open to anyone that wants to attend or participate. 

 “We hold diverse events, so there is something for everyone,” she said.

The books that are chosen are meant to be read as a community, with both faculty and students taking part in reading and discussing the book chosen. The book club, along with its discussions, pushes the ideas of diversity and sharing different opinions from different perspectives.

NE library specialist Ashley Grunewald spoke about the hosted events along with general information about the book club.    

“We tend to pick something light-hearted for the students because we know that they are already stressed as it is,” she said.

The book club hosts events involving trivia, gaming, book talks and discussions in the library. These events can be attended either in-person or virtually with all faculty, staff and students invited.

They meet once a month, and any other information about the book club can be found on the NE Library Book Club and More Canvas page.

Grunewald emphasized on inviting and recommending anyone interested to attend book club or any other events that the library hosts.

“We keep it chill, and all opinions are shared, welcomed and valued,” she said.