NE event showcases Black-owned businesses


Adel Abusaad

NE Campus hosted an expo celebrating Black History and Black-owned businesses on Feb. 2.

The event “Making Money Moves” provided an opportunity for students and faculty to learn about the stories behind successful Black entrepreneurs. The expo took place in NSTU at the Center Corner.

One of the Black-owned businesses featured at the expo was Fatburger, a restaurant owned by Maisha Bankhead. Bankhead shared the story of the restaurant’s origins.

“It started out in the year 1948 with a woman named Lovey Yance and the name used to be called Mr. Fatburger and ended up breaking up with her guy friend,” she said.

The restaurant’s specialty is its burgers, which come in sizes ranging from one-third to 1.5 pounds. Bankhead also highlighted the shakes, which she proudly stated were made with “real and real ice cream.”

Bankhead’s favorite burger is the barbecue bacon west burger, and explained the toppings.

“Homemade onion rings, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and bacon, and it is amazing,” she said.

Motivational speaker and entrepreneur Na’kedra Rogers was also in attendance. Rogers shared her vision to inspire, evolve, and assist others evolving with excellence. She shared the story of how her business started during the pandemic.

“I started my business during the pandemic at home,” she said. “Times are changing, we were stuck inside. I just started thinking of what I can do, what my talents were and now I’m in business for two years now.”

Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta Iota Omega chapter sorority president Nicky Gimpson was also present, expressing her support for Black-owned businesses and her commitment to purchasing at least one item from them whenever possible.

“I’m an avid supporter of African American, Black-owned businesses, people of color and try to purchase at least one item. Whether it’s food, or whatever it is I might need from Black-owned businesses.”