NW dance company performs in Dallas

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Anela Kindle has been lifted before, but not thrown. In Mosaic Dance Project’s performance, however, she does the latter. 

Mosaic Dance Project was co-founded by NW associate professor of dance Lacreacia Sanders in 2004. Sanders has since co-directed the company with the recent addition Amy Jennings, NW associate professor of dance, joining one year ago. 

The company was invited to the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Conference and performed their piece “Monsoon” in three different concerts. An adjudicator for the concert was the head of the dance program at Dallas ISD and invited the group to perform at the Dallas ISD All City Dance Ensemble Concert at the Winspear Opera House on Jan. 17. 

The company has worked on “Monsoon,” choreographed by Sarah Tran, since September.  

“Us as directors, we were on the outskirts as the choreographer came in to work with the dancers and restage the piece,” she said. “It was so awesome watching her impart her vision onto the dancers and the way they took all of that in. So, I even talked to the dancers now a lot about Where is the calm in the storm? And, even in life and other things, they can connect back to that because she did such a great job connecting the work back to life.” 

Alex Hoben/The Collegian NW Mosaic Dance Project members Tiffany Willis, Queen D'Amore Peters and Alexandria Joyce practice before Mosaic's performance of "Monsoon." The group has practiced this piece since September.
Alex Hoben/The Collegian NW Mosaic Dance Project members Tiffany Willis, Queen D’Amore Peters and Alexandria Joyce practice before Mosaic’s performance of “Monsoon.” The group has practiced this piece since September.

In addition to serving as the NW instructional aide for the dance department, Andrea Faber has danced with the company as an alumnus for two years. Faber enjoys embracing the “chaos” of the dance. 

“It’s very unique and visually pleasing to look at,” Faber said. “There are different parts going on at different times. There will be duets and trios and little ensembles. Monsoon is just the unexpected and that’s kind of how this dance functions. You don’t know what’s coming next.” 

The show featured several genres of dance and a stunt. Company member and NW student Anela Kindle was the flyer in the stunt. 

“I wanted to try it because you never know if you don’t try it,” Kindle said. “The first thing that went through my head was ‘OK I trust everyone, and if they drop me, then that trust will be broken, so they better not drop me.’” 

Mosaic Dance Project has several performances in the coming semester, including the Silver Edition Anniversary Concert celebrating the 25th year of the NW dance program. Jennings is proud of the work the dancers have put in and the community they have gained along the way. 

“We’re just so proud because we were on the verge of it being cancelled,” Jennings said. “And that’s what is so amazing, it’s not just the dancers, it’s the community. Having those connections and we’re really grateful to work outside as professional artists in the community.”


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