Spring semester burnout affects multiple students

managing editor

  Recently, a few NE students have noted the struggle in second-semester burnouts, but they offered their opinions and tips to fight through their academic troubles.

Reaching the mid-way point of the spring semester, students have gotten some time to adjust to their new classes, and some may begin to experience a sense of tiredness, or burnout.

Students may experience a burnout for a number of reasons. Healthline describes a burnout as, “a state of mental and physical exhaustion that can zap the joy out of your career, friendships and family interactions.” Along with that is a list of things that may cause it like prolonged stress, working long hours or upsetting news and school safety. 

When it comes to NE student Kazim Raza, he is taking five classes this spring semester and noted that it can get hard to keep up if people fall behind. 

When asked how his spring semester was so far, he replied, “This semester, I mean, closer to the end of the year it gets harder and harder.”

He said afterward however, though the classes got hard around the time exams started to come up, organization and planning can help.

“Like for Spanish we go to the language lab, use the resources TCC has given out, we get our work done on time, go to class, that’s honestly all it’s about,” he said. “It’s gonna get harder. You’re going to start to get burned out but if you just stay on top of things, don’t let missing work catch on to you, you should be good.” 

NE student Tyler Dickens shared Kazim’s opinion, saying it takes effort to get things done but keeping on it helps.

“I mean, I’m getting it done. We (He and Kazim) go to the library to get tutoring for our math classes. We go to the language lab and we just get our stuff done,” Dickens said.

NE student Lance Johnson, who joined TCC this spring semester said so far the semester was going moderately well for him. 

“It’s pretty okay, I guess,” Johnson said. “There’s a different variety of people who are all weird, people who are okay, it’s a mixture of both, but overall it’s pretty cool.”

He shared his thoughts on how this semester may be hard on other students, saying he could see outside influences causing a student to lose motivation.

“I believe this semester would be hard for other students if they don’t take it seriously,” he said. “Most students, they don’t take it serious because of the things around them, phones, games, stuff like that.” 

He said he could also see a change for students if teachers were also beginning to fall behind.

“I believe that maybe if the teachers put a little more effort into it (the semester), most students should be happy about it,” Johnson said.

Dickens also said forming study groups with others to get help with people who are in the same situation is helpful, and in the end persevering through the semester was necessary.

“It can be super tough, but you just have to try your hardest and don’t let things get in your way. Stay focused, it’s all about staying focused,” he said.