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EDITORIAL – Pack your bag for class, not your gun

EDITORIAL – Pack your bag for class, not your gun

A college or university campus should always feel safe. Healthy learning environments would require that students have a sense of safety while attending classes, hanging out for extracurricular activities or just simply waiting in between classes. In light of that, it would seem that a bill in the Texas Legislature allowing firearms on campuses carried […]

VIEWPOINT – Terrorism not exclusive to Islam or Middle East region

By Linah Mohammad/se news editor On Feb. 11, three Muslim students were shot dead, execution-style, in North Carolina, allegedly over a parking spot. Three days later, a Muslim gunman attacked a cafe and a synagogue in Copenhagen, killing one civilian and injuring three policemen. The latter was considered a terrorist attack, but the first wasn’t. However, […]

VIEWPOINT – Fear not just negative, can be motivational

By Audrey Werth/tr news editor Fear can be an overwhelming emotion. It tends to strike at crucial moments when important decisions must be made. This makes it seem like a negative feeling that should be pushed away and diminished. Sometimes, though, it is important to lean into the fear. Fear is powerful. It holds back […]