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Editorial – Education shouldn’t be far-fetched goal

Editorial – Education shouldn’t be far-fetched goal

Education is one of the greatest freedoms afforded to citizens of any country. And though it’s easy to take for granted all the benefits of going to school, it’s slowly becoming a distant dream for those wishing to obtain something higher than a high school diploma.

Viewpoint – Quick research can help voters make smart booth decisions

Tabitha Redder/managing editor Voting season crept up on many students this year. Amid the stacks of homework, studying, possible transfer applications and maybe even laundry — many of us have little time (or choose not) to pay attention to things like elections and political issues.

Viewpoint – Stubbornness over petty issues has time, place

dylan bradley/editor-in-chief People love proving themselves right, but when is it actually worth the fight to prove it?