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Tragedy deserves respect, cowards don’t

Tragedy deserves respect, cowards don’t

Courageous heroes will forever be revered, and their heroic acts are worthy of such remembrance. Not so is the cowardice act of abandonment, recently displayed by the captain of the doomed ferry Sewol off the coast of South Korea. In the U.S., first responders are the men and women equipped to handle emergency situations, such […]

Creating artificial stress does not measure one’s success

By Georgia Phillips/photo editor Are you too busy to read this? You should be, and you should let people know in a proud, exasperated tone. You should also proudly share the amount of sleep you didn’t get last night. In fact, start a friendly competition with your classmate on who’s the busiest, and maybe the […]

Hollywood needs to buck male superhero trend

By Matthew Fulkerson/sports editor With the deluge of superhero movies and films based on popular young adult fiction books, it’s surprising that studios aren’t releasing female-centric superhero tales. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, after a month in release, is on its way to becoming one of the top-grossing films of the year. Much of its […]