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Texas’ ‘laissez-faire’ fails to protect water

Texas’ ‘laissez-faire’ fails to protect water

Evidently, environmental protection is not a priority in the Texas Legislature. After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, both state and federal officials said the environment must be protected for future generations. Perhaps they didn’t realize they would then be expected to follow up on these claims by doing something about it. On March […]

Drug company, doctors provide opiate addicts with narcotic

By Kenney Kost/editor-in-chief In this world of instant gratification, people expect immediate results for a number of things, including opiate addiction recovery. The pharmaceutical company Reckitt Bensicker created Suboxone as an opioid substitute to treat people addicted to heroin and other opiates. According to Suboxone’s website, the treatment process entails short-term use of the drug […]

How many curves make a woman a ‘real’ one?

By Remy Mccool/south news editor “Real women have curves.” Oh, is that so? Then let me ask this, if you happen to be a women who does not have said “curves,” what are you? Not a “real” woman? Perhaps a “fake” one? I assume you could categorize me as a “fake woman.” I am not […]