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Lack of e-cig policy frustrating, unjust

Lack of e-cig policy frustrating, unjust

TCC needs to define a policy for electronic cigarettes so students, faculty and police have a set of rules to follow and enforce. The popularity of e-cigarettes has risen recently as some claim they are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. This rise in popularity has brought them onto TCC campuses. The […]

If surveillance seems off-putting, don’t look at Google Glass

By Rhiannon Saegert/managing editor In a world rapidly growing more and more transparent, it isn’t hard to see why Google Glass is the final straw for so many people. The idea of people walking around with cameras on their heads, possibly recording, possibly not, is unnerving to say the least. The reverse, the possibility of […]

New food labels can make healthy choices clearer

By Dylan Bradley/ne news editor The day a candy bar has all of the calories listed for the entire bar will be the best day – and the worst day. Proposed changes to U.S. food labels could give consumers better information at a glance to make smarter decisions. This is a good change, regardless of […]