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Editorial – Upskirt photos shouldn’t be called art

Editorial – Upskirt photos shouldn’t be called art

Perverts, now deemed artists, probably rejoiced last month when a Texas judge ruled upskirt photos are not only legal but also a work of art. Sharon Keller, the presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, ruled that banning “creepshots” is unconstitutional and a violation of the Free Speech clause in the First Amendment.

Viewpoint – Islamophobia stems from misinformation instead of real fear

By Jamil Oakford/se news editor Fearing the unknown is a common human response, but it’s definitely not OK to fear a large group of people. Islam wasn’t widely talked about in the U.S. 15 years ago. But after the 9/11 attacks and the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Islam has been brought to the […]

Viewpoint – News flash: Red Bull will not give you wings

By Ashley Wood/south news editor Apparently, Red Bull does not actually give you wings and magical energetic powers. A class action lawsuit was filed against Red Bull late in 2013. The company just announced its settlement to pay over $13 million to consumers in March.