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Editorial – Registering to vote shouldn’t be so hard

Editorial – Registering to vote shouldn’t be so hard

In a democracy like the United States, voting is essential. But before voters show up, they need to be registered to vote. Texas’ voter registration deadline is Oct. 6, and new voters should take note if they want to participate in the November election.

Viewpoint – Reality television reaches its expiration date, lacks realness

ashley wood/south news editor Reality shows are on nearly every television network, and none of them seem original anymore. Reality television has been around since the 1940s when Candid Camera started, but the last 10 years has made liking the shows difficult.

Viewpoint – Energy sources need to change to save climate

dylan bradley/editor-in-chief People around the world rallied Sept. 21 to demand action against climate change, and it’s about time. The rallies were timed a few days before world leaders met for a U.N. Climate Summit in New York Sept. 24.