Keller choir set for NE performance

By Karen Rios/reporter

The Keller High School Choir will perform for the Sonata Club at 10 a.m. Feb. 18 in NE Campus’ College Hall (NCAB 1111).

The Sonata Club, a social music group, features live performances at each meeting, which is open to TCC students and faculty. Tribe, the choir, will perform for the club for the second year.

“They asked us back, and I thought it was a huge compliment,” Keller choir director Chi-Chi King said.

Tribe is made up of 39 students ranging from freshmen to seniors.

This year, they will sing “Home,” which is based in the early 1900s about people coming to America for the first time.

The choir will also sing songs such as “Back Home” and “New York” along with a few others. King said it will be “odd” because they’ll use rock and pop music to tell the story.

The Sonata Club meets every third Thursday and welcomes new members.

“It’s the happiest day for me,” Sonata Club president Fred Mills said.